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A Known Element Enterprises Project

Project Information

There is quite a bit of talent embodied in members of the Southern California UNIX/Linux/Open(free) software community. This is clearly demonstrated at events like SCALE and LUG Meetings. However a lot of this information isn't being captured and recorded. Therefore we have started this project to record and share presentations and knowlegde from various lugs and events. Our goal is to provide free hosting for recordings and presentation materials for all southern california lugs (and other free software/community user groups in the Southern California region).

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Technology Involved

Needless to say all of the technology (software and hardware) used is fully open source and Linux compatible. If you would like to learn more about multimedia production under linux please see the where we are attempting to capture the latest information about open source multimedia production.

Linux Distros

  • Server Operating System: Ubuntu Server 6.06 LTS
  • Editing/capture/production system: Ubuntu Feisty 7.04

Editing Software

  • - Audacity For basic audio editing.
  • - Sweep for editing and conversion.
  • - KinoDV for video capture
  • - Lives For video editing

Capture Hardware

  • Sony Digitial Camcorder (with firewire output)
  • Sandisk Sansa voice recorder

Video/Audio Casts

They are on a seperate page

Presentation material (slides/code etc)

Please see the Lug Material/Media Page

SoCal LUG Bloggers

Please see Planet SoCalLUG